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Vitamin D is important for bone and muscle health but it affects many other aspects of our health.
Following are the signs of vitamin D deficiency, If

  • - you are constantly sick
    research suggest vitamin D may affect our immune function.
  • - you are exhausted
    vitamin D’s involvement in the immune system may impact our sleep-wake cycle.
  • - your bone density is declining
    vitamin D helps our bone absorb calcium which they need to grow and stay strong.
  • - you have back pain
    vitamin D may be involved in age related muscle and strength loss (called ‘sarcopenia’)
  • - you are feeling blue
    vitamin D deficiency has been linked to an increased risk of depression later in life.
  • - your muscles are always sore
    vitamin D deficiency can deprive our muscles of calcium, which they need to function properly.
  • - you are losing hair
    studies have shown that vitamin D deficiency is one of the contributing factor for hair loss in males and females.

If these symptoms sound familiar, talk to your doc about testing your vitamin D levels who will guide you an ideal vitamin D supplement or diet sources.