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Many women experience noticeable hair loss after having a baby

This normal & temporary hair loss is caused by change in the hormones

By the child's first birthday, most women see their hair returns to normal fullness.
To help manage the transition and till your hair returns to normal, following tips are recommended.

  • 1) Use a thickening shampoos
    • these shampoos often contain the ingredients like protein that culpt the hair, making the hair appear fuller
  • 2) Avoid any shampoo labelled “conditioning’'
    • these contains heavy conditioner that weight on your hair & make a look lump
  • 3) Use a conditioner formulated for fine hair.
    • these conditioner contains lighter formulas that will not weight on your hair
  • 4) Avoid conditioner labelled "Intensive"
    • because these are to heavy
  • 5) Use conditioner primary on the ends of your hair.
    • avoid the scalp and the top of your hair to further prevent your hair and weight down.
  • 6) Try a new hairstyle that gives a look fuller.
  • 7) Avoid treatment that many worsen hairloss such as chemical treatment and excessive styling.
    • hair shedding usually starts about 3-4 months after giving birth and picks several weeks later
    • If your hair doesn’t regain fullness after 1 year consult your dermatologist