How to care newly pierced ears?

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How to care newly pierced ears?

When you get your ears or another body part pierced, its important to follow following care directions. Doing so helps to prevent infection

Common instructions include:

  • wash your hands before touching newly pierced ears
  • leave earrings in your ears for 6 weeks or more even at night
  • carefully wash your ear with soap and water at least once a day
  • twist earrings few times a day, this keeps the pierced hole open
  • put rubbing alcohol on skin around hole twice a day to keep away germs and to prevent scabbing
  • also apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly around the opening
  • pay attention if your ears get swollen, red or puffy or if a yellowish liquid oozes out from the hole

if it doesn't go away quickly see your dermatologist