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Bleach bath is used to control the severity of eczema. It is thought to decrease inflammation of the skin which in turn reduces severity of itching and discomfort.

  • 1. Add bleach to water
    • Full tub: 1/2 cup bleach
    • Half tub: 1/4 cup bleach
    • Gallon of water: 1 teaspoon bleach
  • 2. Soak for 10 minutes
    • Soak you skin for 10 minutes or longer if you are comfortable with. Rinse if your skin doesn’t tolerate the bleach bath well.
  • 3. Pat dry gently
    • Gently pat your skin dry with soft cotton towel. Do not rub.
  • 4. Apply topical medications to affected areas
    • Gently apply topical medications given by doctor on affected areas immediately on pat dried skin
  • 5. Apply moisturiser to the entire body
    • At last gently apply good moisturiser to the entire body. (for more details on moisturiser refer Dermatologists’ top tips for relieving dry skin)

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