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  • Does your baby has white or yellowish scales / scaly patches / crusting on scalp?Use this trick to get rid of this at home in little time without any medication.
  • Items you need:
    • Baby oil (olive / coconut oil is preferable)
    • Towel
    • Baby shampoo
    • Comb
  • Steps to get rid of cradle cap:
    • Step 1: Apply baby oil on baby’s scalp 30 minutes before bath
      About 30 minutes before you plan to bathe your baby, lay a towel on a surface like your bed or the floor. Then, moist the scalp with normal water using your finger tips. Then, pour a little baby oil into a small bowl and using your finger tips, massage it into your baby’s head. The towel will keep the oil from seeping onto the surface.
    • Step 2: Entertain baby for 30 minutes
      Allow the olive oil to soften the hardened patches for 30 minutes. Play with your baby with toy or talk and sing to baby. Better yet, do tummy time so his head is raised and has less chances off the towel.
    • Step 3: Give baby a bath
      Once the 30 minutes is up, bathe your baby as you normally do. make surety shampoo baby’s hair thoroughly to remove the applied oil from the scalp.
    • Step 4: Comb baby’s hair
      After the bath, towel dry your baby’s head. Then, gently comb baby’s hair to remove the patches of flakes. The comb will pick up bits of the built up flakes which you can wipe off with a tissue paper. Keep combing baby’s hair until you have removed most of the flakes.

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