How to Style Hair Without Damage

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Some hairstyle that we choose along with the styling tools we use can significantly damage our hair.
This damage can cause our hair to look brittle, freezy, lack lustre and even fall out.

To find out whether you may be damaging your hair, It is recommended for you to ask yourself the following questions:

  • 1) Do you vigorously towel dry your hair?
    • These can cause hair loss as wet hair is more elastic and more likely to break then dry hair
    • Instead of rubbing hair dry, absorb the water by wrapping your hair in a towel or just let your hair air dry
  • 2) Do you brush or comb your hair when it is wet?
    • Hair breaks more easily when wet, handle wet hair as a little as possible
    • It is the opposite for people who have tightly curved or textured hair or of african decends.
      They should comb or brush their hair when it is wet to decrease the chance of hair breakage
  • 3) Do you brush your hair 100 strokes each day?
    • This can cause split end, it is recommended to keep brushing to minimum
  • 4) Do you use styling products that promise long lasting hold? Such as gels & hair sprays?
    • Using a comb to style your hair after you apply the products often cause hair to break, over time this can lead to significant hair loss. Reduce the use of these products to minimise hair loss
  • 5) Do you use a blow dryer, curling iron or Flat iron?
    • The high heat from the blow dryer can actually lead the hair brittle. It is recommended letting your hair partially air dry before you style or comb. This gives your hair excellent body and there are less chances of hair damage
    • Decreasing number of time per week that you blow dry also helps limit the damage
  • Flat Irons should be used:
    • on dry hair
    • on a low or medium heat setting
    • no more then every other day / occasionally
  • If you use a curling iron:
    Leave it on place only for a second or two as no matter of your hair type, can damage your hair
  • 6) Do you wear braids, cornrows, a ponytail or hair extensions?
    • All of these styles can pull on your hair & continuously can cause tension & cause hair breakage and if tension continues permanent hair loss can occur

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