Know About Phototherapy in Vitiligo

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Phototherapy is very useful tool in the treatment of vitiligo. Phototherapy stimulates the melanocytes to make melanin which gives colour to the skin.

2 Types of Phototherapy

  • Natural: Sun light which is high in UV-A rays and low in UV-B rays
  • Artificial: Lamp / Tube lights (4 types)

4 Types of Lamp / Tube light

  • UV-A light (Ultra Violet A light)
  • UV-B light (Ultra Violet B light)
  • NB UVB light (Narrow Band Ultra Violet B light)
  • EXCIMER lamp

Sun light Vs Artificial light

Studies have shown that artificial lights with UV-B rays are more effective and has less side effects than sun light which is high in UV-A rays.

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