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PCOS is very common hormonal condition in females.
How do you get to know whether you have PCOS?
For people, just to get idea whether they developing PCOS or have PCOS, who could notice following changes in their body might be having PCOS.

  • - Weight Gain
    About half of people with PCOS have trouble managing their weight.
  • - Fatigue / Insomnia
    Many people have trouble sleeping thus having fatigue and low energy.
  • - Excessive Hair Growth
    On the face, arms, back, chest and stomach.
  • - Thinning Hair
    Thinning or hair loss on the head.
  • - Infertility
    PCOS is a leading cause of infertility.
  • - Skin Issues
    Acne, skin tags and dark skin patches, uneven tone.
  • - Mood Issues
    Depression and anxiety.
  • - Pelvic Pain
    Pelvis pain and absence of period, less flow
  • - Headaches
    Due to hormonal changes

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