How to Take Care of Skin In Monsoon

Viksha Skin Clinic In Ahmedabad

Here’s your guide to Skin care In Monsoon

  • Wash face 3 times a day and immediately after getting wet in the rain since excessive humidity in rainy season makes skin more oily, fragile and prone to bacterial (breakouts / pimples) and fungal infection
  • Keep the skin clean and apply a good sunscreen with SPF 30 or more every 2-3 hourly on face and other exposed areas as even in the cloudy atmosphere harmful sun rays reach to the earth
  • If your skin is oily use water based sunscreen
  • If your skin is dry use oil based sunscreen
  • At night apply suitable night cream containing kojic acid, lactic acid, glycol acid, licorice extract etc with or without retinoic acid according to the skin condition and keep it overnight which nourishes the skin, lightens and helps to improve fine line and wrinkles
  • On the body apply good moisturiser twice / thrice daily on moist skin
    (for oily skin—— water based)
    (for dry skin—— oil based)
  • Drink at least 3-3.5 L water to maintain hydration as high humidity leads to excessive water loss from the body
  • Take warm water bath and dab the skin with towel after bath (do not rub)

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