Structures of Fingernail

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The nails are an extension of an epidermis. The nails originate from epithelial cells from nail root. The cells grow over epidermis layer of the skin. The cells are a keratin substance. This substance is similar to the top layer to the epidermis. The parts of the nail include the free edge, nail bed, nail body, lunula, hyponychium and nail matrix.

  • 1. The free edge is the part of the nail that extends beyond the fingertip.
  • 2. The nail bed is the area underneath the entire nail.
  • 3. The nail body is the main part of the nail which is exposed.
  • 4. The lunula is the opaque moon shaped area of the nail.
  • 5. The hyponychium is the area where the nail body is attached just below the free edge.
  • 6. The cuticle is a fold of tissue that covers the nail root.
  • 7. The nail matrix is the portion of the nail that attaches the nail body to the nail bed.

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